Amy Lin







Sidekick is an insulin pump designed for type I diabetics that can be controlled through an apple watch. Sidekick uses a combination of subcutaneous monitoring and spectroscopy to continuously monitor the wearer’s glucose levels in real time. 

Usability research | Sketching | Low fidelity prototyping | Rhinocerous| 

Visual model building | KeyShot rendering and animation

Team: Nick Ricci


How might we utilize current technology to help type I diabetics monitor their blood-glucose levels and administer insulin in a streamlined process to give them full control of their diabetes?


The goal of this insulin pump was to make a user feel comfortable.  During ideation, the most important aspects of the pump were simplicity, ergonomic, and discreet.  


The most common and discreet place to wear an insulin pump is the abdomen, so during form studies it was important to consider a comfortable shape for that part of the body as well a volume that will still contain enough insulin. I experimented with different soft edges on low density foam and tested it on various abdomen sizes.


Paired with the Apple Watch


By modifying and adding a Raman spectrometer to the Apple Watch band, a standard smart watch has been augmented to provide additional glucose metering and discreet control of the pump. This secondary metering provides more accurate real time glucose levels as well as aids in calibration, drastically cutting down the startup time.