Amy Lin

Surface Pro Case

Brenthaven Always-on Surface Pro Case



Design an always-on Surface Pro case that is sleek, protective and appeals to students k-12.

This was a quarter long collaboration project with Brenthaven beginning with research and ending with a final prototype and concept renderings.  


Students don't prefer the aesthetics that adults think they do, they prefer simpler cases that are not too bright in color.  And it is important to consider what students want because they have said they would not use a case that they believe is "ugly" even if it is given to them for free.

The final concept is a combination of molded plastic and cut and sew material. The shape gives the case a comfortable grip while giving extra protection to the corners in the case of a drop. All of the ports are accessible and so are original features of the Surface Pro that deserve to be accentuated by the case such as the kickstand.