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Wedding Spot is a wedding venue search site that was recently acquired by HoneyBook. It needed a rebranding to align with HoneyBook style guidelines and colors. Going the extra mile, I looked at data on interaction rates on the current page and made suggestions to change the content.

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A comprehensive comparison between the old site and new with explanation of improvements based on heat map research and current click through rate.


The search bar has, by far, the most interaction and clicks on the homepage.  In the redesign, the search bar was enlarged and emphasized because we know what our visitors want to do when they come to the site and want to make it easier for them.


The regional suggestions on the old site is redundant. The new design suggests real venues that are featured near the users location and includes key information on the hover state that reinforces Wedding Spot's value proposition about accurate pricing.


SEO was optimized in the footer of the new site by creating an expandable list. This way, all cities were included but not taking up a large amount of space on the page.